The Solution

Precision Conference Solutions will install and run your online submission and review system on our own web servers. Your authors, reviewers, and committee members will use the system via simple, standard web pages.

Screen shots

Screen shots and a summary of the system's functionality are available in an Adobe Acrobat PDF document, suitable for printing. (If your browser shows nothing when you click on this link, please right click on the link, save the document to your desktop, and click on the saved document. This is a bug in some versions of Internet Explorer.)

Core Features

The core features of the system are:
  • The online submission of papers, along with any supporting electronic materials.

  • The online distribution of the papers to reviewers, and the online collection of their reviews.

  • The selection of reviewers for each paper by a committee member assigned to that paper, or by the system administrator.

  • Any number of decisions beyond the usual "accept" and "reject" decisions. For each decision there is a customizable, automatically generated notification.

  • An automatically-generated "electronic proceedings" containing all of the final papers, which can be published on CD-ROM or posted on your own conference site.

  • Security features to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information.

  • Powerful administrative functions, including status reports, ranking of papers, automatically maintained email lists (e.g. all reviewers with unfinished reviews, all authors with accepted papers), and flexible process configuration options.